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The KolcraftCloud Double Umbrella Stroller.

The Kolcraft Cloud Double Umbrella Strollers

Before using your stroller, make sure you read through your instruction manual.
Today, we are going to show you the quick easy steps to assemble and use your stroller.
Make sure you have the pieces included in your box.
Stroller Frame 6 Rear Wheels 3 Axles 3 Front Wheels 9 Washers 3 Cotter Pins Canopy 6 Hub Caps Cup Holder Release the clip on the side of the stroller and push down on the front of the stroller to unfold.
Now it's time to lock the stroller.

To do this, press down on the folding bar Take one rear wheel and slide it onto the axle.
Then take the first washer and slide it next to the wheel.
Insert the axle, washer, and wheel intothe rear wheel assembly.
Make sure you insert it from the inner side of therear wheel assembly as shown.
Slide the second washer onto the axle.

Slide on the other wheel.
Slide on the third washer and fit the straight part of the cotter pin through the hole on the axle.
Line up the tabs on each hub cap with the slots on the wheel Snap them into place.
Repeat these steps for the rest of the rear wheels.
Ensure the axles are inserted as shown.
Insert the front wheel assembly onto the front of the stroller until it locks into place.
Be sure the opening of the frontwheel assembly with the tabs is facing the floor.
Find the three openings inthe seat fabric on the stroller frame.

Attach the canopy connectors through the openings in the fabric onto the stroller frame.
To attach the rear hood of the canopies, attach the three tabs to the velcro on the back seats and to the velcro on the side of the canopy as well.
Align the hole on the cup holder over the pin of the left side of the stroller and snap it into place.
Push down on all levers to lock the rear wheels.
Pull up on them to unlock the wheels.
Lock the wheels to prevent from rolling.
The restraint system should fit snuggly around your child's waist with the crotch strap between the child's legs.

Push the buckles together on both sides to secure the 3 point restraint system.
To unsnap, press the tabs on the bucklesto release.
Unthread the buckles from the back of the seat pad.
Roll the seat pad up and fasten the velcro at the top of the seat pad.
Unhook the clips on both sides of the stroller.
Pull the seat down and attach the clips to the lower bar To lock the canopy open, push the hinges down.
The canopy can be pulled out for maximum coverage.
To close, push the hinges up.
Lock the foot brakes.

Ensure the seats are upright and the canopies are closed.
Push the red levers located on the folding bars to the left and lift up.
Now push the handle bars forward and squeeze together to fold the stroller.
Lock the clip on the side of the stroller to complete.
We hope this video helped you assemble your Kolcraft Cloud Double Umbrella Stroller for your little ones.

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