Kamis, 15 Desember 2016

Taking baby out in a pram or a stroller

Taking baby out in a pram or a stroller, we all do it, mums, dads, grandparents but how safe is your baby? While we all want the best for our children sometimes we forget that safety comes first even with something as simple as takingbaby out for a walk.
Prams move freely and can easily get away from you.
Always use the brakes.

<parent cries out, screeching car brakes, baby crying> Manufacturers and retailers of prams and strollers have to comply with strict safety standards with three key features.
Every pram and stroller must have a restraint harness for the child being carried, a parking brake which is coloured red and a tether strap to keep control of the pram or stroller.
But these features won't protect your child unless you use them all the time Strap your child in immediately.
<car screeching to a halt> Get into the habit of always using the safety harness.
it seems like a bit of a nuisance but your child's safety is paramount So don't skip the harness, even when you're in a hurry.

Make sure the harness is fitted properly.
If you don't strap your child in securely the consequences could be serious.
Let your toddler know that you won't move off until the straps are secure.
It's really important to use safety harness as soon as you put your child into a pram or stroller.
It only takes a second for themto climb out or fall out.
I've always got her strapped in , even if she's asleep.

Because all you need to do is go over the smallest bump and she could fly out.
Wiggling children can start the wheelsrolling again so keep a hand on the pram when your child is in it.
It's so easy to be distracted and itdoesn't take long for a runaway pram to lead to tragedy.
<baby crying> The standard requires the parking brakes to be coloured red so that they're really obvious.
It should be part of your routine that when you stop the break goes on.

It happens to all of us.
Stop to look atsomething, you're distracted for just a moment it's really important to put the brakeson, even if you just getting letters out of the letterbox, or taking somethingoff the supermarket shelf.
You need to put the brakes on every time.
Runaway strollers cause injuries and itcan happen very quickly.
<baby crying> The solution is very simple.
Always use the tether strap.

If your pram doesn't have one You can easily purchase one separately.
But it's a simple and effective safety measure that you should use every time There's another situation that accounts for 80% of injuries associated with prams and strollers.
 <worried parent trying to calm baby> Don't tie or hang shopping bagson the handles of the pram.

It change the balance or overload the pram and cause it to tip over.
Keeping your child safe in the pram or stroller is simple.
Use the harness every time baby is in the pram or stroller.
Use the parking brake whenever the pram or stroller is not in motion.
Use the tether strap whenever theparking brake is not engaged.
And don't hang or tie parcels to the handles of the stroller.
And never leave your child unattended.
When it's time to pack up, it's a job for grownups because a folded stroller can trap small fingers.
Look for the safety warning label and keep your child safe.

Selasa, 13 Desember 2016

Stroller-Pushing Dad Beats Guinness World Record

There are some benefits to being Mr.
Mom, like breaking the Guinness World Records time for fastest half marathon run by a man while pushing a baby stroller.

Calum Neff bested that world record by more than two minutes on Feb.
6 in Katy, Texas.
But he wasn't the only one to cross the finish line at 1 hour, 11 minutes and 27 seconds: his 11-month-old daughter, Holland, did too.
Neff pushed his 20-pound running partner in her 22-pound sport stroller for a total of 13.
1 miles.

The 31-year-old man said sharing the special day with Holland was "truly epic.
" He added that his accomplishment "shows that anything is really possible and being a dad and working doesn't mean you have to give up on other dreams and hobbies.
" Neff plans to submit documentation to Guinness in order to be named the official new record holder.

The KolcraftCloud Double Umbrella Stroller.

The Kolcraft Cloud Double Umbrella Strollers

Before using your stroller, make sure you read through your instruction manual.
Today, we are going to show you the quick easy steps to assemble and use your stroller.
Make sure you have the pieces included in your box.
Stroller Frame 6 Rear Wheels 3 Axles 3 Front Wheels 9 Washers 3 Cotter Pins Canopy 6 Hub Caps Cup Holder Release the clip on the side of the stroller and push down on the front of the stroller to unfold.
Now it's time to lock the stroller.

To do this, press down on the folding bar Take one rear wheel and slide it onto the axle.
Then take the first washer and slide it next to the wheel.
Insert the axle, washer, and wheel intothe rear wheel assembly.
Make sure you insert it from the inner side of therear wheel assembly as shown.
Slide the second washer onto the axle.

Slide on the other wheel.
Slide on the third washer and fit the straight part of the cotter pin through the hole on the axle.
Line up the tabs on each hub cap with the slots on the wheel Snap them into place.
Repeat these steps for the rest of the rear wheels.
Ensure the axles are inserted as shown.
Insert the front wheel assembly onto the front of the stroller until it locks into place.
Be sure the opening of the frontwheel assembly with the tabs is facing the floor.
Find the three openings inthe seat fabric on the stroller frame.

Attach the canopy connectors through the openings in the fabric onto the stroller frame.
To attach the rear hood of the canopies, attach the three tabs to the velcro on the back seats and to the velcro on the side of the canopy as well.
Align the hole on the cup holder over the pin of the left side of the stroller and snap it into place.
Push down on all levers to lock the rear wheels.
Pull up on them to unlock the wheels.
Lock the wheels to prevent from rolling.
The restraint system should fit snuggly around your child's waist with the crotch strap between the child's legs.

Push the buckles together on both sides to secure the 3 point restraint system.
To unsnap, press the tabs on the bucklesto release.
Unthread the buckles from the back of the seat pad.
Roll the seat pad up and fasten the velcro at the top of the seat pad.
Unhook the clips on both sides of the stroller.
Pull the seat down and attach the clips to the lower bar To lock the canopy open, push the hinges down.
The canopy can be pulled out for maximum coverage.
To close, push the hinges up.
Lock the foot brakes.

Ensure the seats are upright and the canopies are closed.
Push the red levers located on the folding bars to the left and lift up.
Now push the handle bars forward and squeeze together to fold the stroller.
Lock the clip on the side of the stroller to complete.
We hope this video helped you assemble your Kolcraft Cloud Double Umbrella Stroller for your little ones.


Hello, guys! We've got a big box and in the box surprise I'll get out only! This is a magic box ! what is it? Look, we have Here is ours! let's unpack today we unpacking carriage for dolls Strollers are different in that children and dolls sitting travel and it has a shopping cart and even the bottom of the shopping cart have? bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla Well, let's open it doll carriage is intended for children from six months when children are able to sit Now we will cut it Now pull out the wheel guide, let's see open.

Install it is easy! It can be used as a carrier for dolls Count the wheel! One two three four clever fellow four wheels of the baby carriage open the second main part of the carriage it is handle for moms and who is mom? I am and where is your daughter? show it.

hello, Sonia Look what we bought stroller for you put her.
let her looks Her cool new stroller she can not wait colored flowers and stripes pattern roses This handle is needed in order to avoid the baby fell bumper called Come on! now do everything! let's take the wheel 1, 2.
even anything it is not necessary to tighten 3 and 4th! Let's Put the stroller for dolls on the floor Beeeep! But we have not yet completed.

Come to attach the seat to stroller the chair is attached to the stroller frame on buttons there's even a sun visor so it is possible to wash all You can remove all to wash and put back all cool, I like this carriage for baby born dolls see also here button, press on it you need to press the two sides and the handle is lowered like this so super convenient You can put a doll in a pram on the back and where our Princess Baby Born doll? We can shake our dolls in a stroller That a super good stroller for dolls This stroller is not ashamed to give the girl a birthday Christmas or New Year! Would you like to get this stroller for dolls as a gift? Oh yeah! Sonya, do you like stroller? I really like it! Dad has already left for work Now we will go to help daddy to look at him Yes? beginning at 6 pm We can catch must catch! daddy waiting! I took two tickets free for kids show that there are porridge, napkin, clothes cap, bib, pampers bottle of water, comb scarf, beanbag tickets! WoW! It seems to be small.