Selasa, 13 Desember 2016


Hello, guys! We've got a big box and in the box surprise I'll get out only! This is a magic box ! what is it? Look, we have Here is ours! let's unpack today we unpacking carriage for dolls Strollers are different in that children and dolls sitting travel and it has a shopping cart and even the bottom of the shopping cart have? bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla Well, let's open it doll carriage is intended for children from six months when children are able to sit Now we will cut it Now pull out the wheel guide, let's see open.

Install it is easy! It can be used as a carrier for dolls Count the wheel! One two three four clever fellow four wheels of the baby carriage open the second main part of the carriage it is handle for moms and who is mom? I am and where is your daughter? show it.

hello, Sonia Look what we bought stroller for you put her.
let her looks Her cool new stroller she can not wait colored flowers and stripes pattern roses This handle is needed in order to avoid the baby fell bumper called Come on! now do everything! let's take the wheel 1, 2.
even anything it is not necessary to tighten 3 and 4th! Let's Put the stroller for dolls on the floor Beeeep! But we have not yet completed.

Come to attach the seat to stroller the chair is attached to the stroller frame on buttons there's even a sun visor so it is possible to wash all You can remove all to wash and put back all cool, I like this carriage for baby born dolls see also here button, press on it you need to press the two sides and the handle is lowered like this so super convenient You can put a doll in a pram on the back and where our Princess Baby Born doll? We can shake our dolls in a stroller That a super good stroller for dolls This stroller is not ashamed to give the girl a birthday Christmas or New Year! Would you like to get this stroller for dolls as a gift? Oh yeah! Sonya, do you like stroller? I really like it! Dad has already left for work Now we will go to help daddy to look at him Yes? beginning at 6 pm We can catch must catch! daddy waiting! I took two tickets free for kids show that there are porridge, napkin, clothes cap, bib, pampers bottle of water, comb scarf, beanbag tickets! WoW! It seems to be small.

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